Wednesday, 25 March 2009

You couldn't ...

... make it up!

I got a letter today from Hewlett Packard - yep, that's HP, my ex-laptop manufacturers! Nothing strange about that I thought, especially following my complaint. Oh, was I wrong! It was from the repair centre in Warrington saying they'd tried to contact me (when???) about collecting my laptop for repair and that I should ring them to arrange a convenient collection date. If they don't hear from me within 5 working days the repair would be cancelled. I had to read the letter a couple of times more to take it in. Well, I couldn't resist. I rang them.

First question I was asked was if I was ringing from Comet! No, says I, I was the owner of the laptop. When did I need it collecting and from where? I didn't - anymore, was my reply. We've tried to collect it from Comet but they refused to hand it over, says they. Really?, says I and, just where were you trying to collect it from? Unit 4 Goldstone Retail Park, Unit F Leeds Road Retail Park, Huddersfield. (See clue in address - 2 retail parks?) Guess that's why Comet, Huddersfield refused the collection then, 'cos my laptop was left with the branch at Goldstone Retail Park, Hove and they were trying to collect from a store some 250 miles away!

Now this would be funny if it wasn't so tragic 'cos I knew that they were probably going to try to collect it from Huddersfield less than an hour after I'd left it with the store in Hove. Why? 'Cos I'd gone home and phoned HP to cancel a pick-up I'd got booked for a couple of days later and they told me that it had already been changed by the Hove store and that it would be picked up from..... Huddersfield! I told them they'd be lucky 'cos it was at Hove and not even I had managed 250 miles in ½ hour. Indian call centre's don't have a clue as to the UK geography and I got the distinct impression that the rep hadn't understood what I was telling her. Decided to phone Comet to warn them, spoke to the Hove store and explained what I'd been told. Was thanked and told it would be sorted out. Now let me guess why I was given a brand new laptop instead of the other one repaired??? At least Comet, although not admitting what had happened, did sort me out which is more than HP managed in the 2½ months (at that point) since I originally started the process with them on New Years Eve!

First mistake HP made (or the repair/spares centre at Warrington) was to send me a replacement hard drive but ... for a desktop, not the laptop. That was collected and then I waited and waited for the laptop one, only to be told it was out of stock but on Express Delivery when it came in. Phone call after phone call I was told it was out of stock. I was then told that the claim had been closed as finalised! Right - so why was I still without a working lappy which was still waiting for a hard drive? That's when I arranged for collection from me (all info taken off of hard drive by techie at this point) to go to repair centre as I was told that they should have the part (although out of stock to me from the spares place - right?). In meantime thought I'd see what retailer could do and, although they wouldn't - at this point - give me a replacement lappy they could get the repair done in a couple of days ................................ which is why, 2 weeks after leaving the lappy with them I ended up with a brand new one and let's now guess what happened to the one I left with them! Oh yes, that would be the one that's still sitting in the Hove branch because Huddersfield branch refused to let the repair centre pick it up from them! Strange thing is though - I've had new lappy since 16th March having left the HP one with the store on 24th February. Repair centre man tells me his 'ticket' was dated 18th March but I've still got the original worksheet that Comet gave me a copy of and 24th February was the date and that was when I found out they were going to 'collect' from Huddersfield!

Don't yer just love this HP customer service?????? Anyway, I very politely told the very nice chap I spoke to at the repair centre that, as I now had a brand new, non-HP laptop, courtesy of Comet, he could do what he liked with the booked repair, that I had no idea where the HP laptop was (although I could now have a damned good guess) and that I couldn't care less! He laughed and said he didn't blame me - LOL!

Guess it now explains why Comet offered me a new, replacement laptop but thumbs up to Comet and a great big thumbs down to HP!

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sheffsue said...

It really is no wonder that customers get so frustrated with customer service departments. At least you got a new lappy.

Sue x