Sunday, 3 May 2009

Meeting my ...

... tail going backwards at the moment but I'm getting a big sense of achievement and it feels gooooooooooood!!

Dad's place is coming together nicely. His 'upstairs' is all but done and ready for the move. Involved yet another trip with a car load of stuff for the Dogs Trust and there's still more to go but, will be adding to it to make it a worthwhile trip. Cooker and washing machine have found new homes as have a few other bits. Large - and I mean large - items listed on eBay have bids on so they'll be going and I won't be doing the dismantling and clearing which has to be a bonus!

Removal men have been and quoted and I've helpers in place now for the day and brother is coming to give me a day - well, some time - just before Dad moves. I'm hoping to make more use of him after the move - to clear the house of everything as required .... including flooring! All addresses and redirections that need to be done have been done so, with 3 weeks still to go I can afford to relax a little.

Dad seems to be coming round to the idea although still apprehensive, which is totally understandable. After nearly 55 years in the same house, it is a huge step he's taking. Hopefully he will see the benefits for his life, as it is now, quite quickly once he's moved.

I've a week of a bit more 'me' time this coming week. Nothing planned at Dad's although will still be doing 'bits' but I've a day at the Glitterpot with somebody new for me. I'm having a day of 'Daisy & Dandelion' with Gaynor White. Don't know her so this will be interesting. I've also got a couple of other things planned but not saying too much on that one at the mo.

Had another visit to the doc this past week about my leg/hip problem. Saw a different one to last time and this one agrees with me. She thinks it's a groin strain - which takes time to heal - rather than bursitis. She said it could be inflammatory arthritis but blood tests would show whether that was the case and I was to book the tests as soon as ... OK! Think I just want something to keep me mobile at the moment so I can get Dad sorted and settled then I shall have time to concentrate on me. Back on the meds but, they're working, for now.

A selection of Scoobies with mine buried 5th car from front on right.

Spent a lovely day in the fresh air and sunshine yesterday - surrounded by Scoobies (Subaru Imprezas)!! Don't ask! OK, so ask - *LOL* Not long after I bought my car the drivers door got scratched in a supermarket car park by, I'm assuming, somebody careless with a trolley. A little while later I found a dent on the passenger side rear door - again after being parked in a car park! (Don't yer just love how careful some people are???? *grrrr!*) Anyway, I'd always intended getting them sorted out, especially the scratch, before rust decided to settle in but had never got round to it and I've had the car nearly 5 years now. Eldest, who owns a Scoobie, is a member of an owners forum and they were having a 'Dent and Paint' day. When there's enough of 'em that need work done they arrange for specialists to provide it, en masse, at special reduced rates. There's usually enough peeps who want work done to make it worth their while doing. So that is how I came to spend the day surrounded by Scoobies and their fanatical owners. There was me, with my little Peugeot, joining all these souped up fast cars to take part in their day. I've now got a lovely dent and scratch free car, having had the dent completely removed and the drivers door completely resprayed and for less than half the price I'd been quoted to have the scratch dealt with! Managed to sit myself out of the way with a book for some of the time as well *LOL*

Just one that caught my eye and produced the freebie toppers.

I did take my camera - at eldest's request, only to find that he didn't want to use it so I did instead. Took a few random shots but I've been playing in PSP, trying to get to know it and I've come up with a few toppers for my crafty friends. Hopefully they will be of use for those dreaded mens cards and they can - or at least, will be - found on here, once I've discovered how to put multiple images onto an A4 sheet - *LOLOL*

Eldest's pride and joy.

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