Saturday, 27 June 2009

A rare sighting ...

... of more wildlife - the eldest grandchild - lol!! What's even rarer are photo's of him.

Came to help his Dad clean a very not-dirty car 'cos they're off to some car show tomorrow and beloved red thing is 'on a stand'??? They're going to Brands Hatch with the local Scooby Owners Club so I guess they're going to the Modified Live Summertime Special event.

Oh no ... not the camera, again!

If I put my head down she might give up!

OK, if I must then perhaps she'll go away! (huh, some chance!)

If you want a natural piccie you go - through the square window - so he doesn't know it's being taken - *hehe*

... and when he doesn't know you're watching he does smile ... sometimes *LOL*

Point of interest - and I'm gonna be such a girl now *lol* - under the red sticky up thing on the rear of the red box, protecting the main body of the box is ........ black, self adhesive Funky Foam bought from Crawley Hobbycraft! Why? 'Cos this giant, red sticky up thing is not what came on red box when first bought but was bought second-hand (and silver grey) and the 'gaskets' weren't complete or intact. Gaskets made out of a black foam stuff which was sticky both sides. Eldest didn't know how to get replacements but as soon as I saw what it was and what they were I just knew that Funky Foam, made sticky with some form of DST would do the job. Took eldest on shopping trip to Hobbycraft, found a sticky Funky Foam (bo-nus!), took home, traced round most complete rubbish gasket, ét voila ..... replacement gaskets for the job. Only one side sticky though but pleased eldest 'cos it meant no sticky on body of red box should new red sticky up thing ever need replacing. Total cost - less than a quid and a little bit of time. After, he thought he could have had the foam in red, instead of black - which is what I'd suggested and he'd dismissed at the time ..... men!

Thanks for dropping by .....


Cally said...

My, how he has grown, I still remember the little toddler that came into the Pru's office in his little anorak!

PeeJay said...

LOL! Cally - yep, and some of our Pru friends remember his Dad as a baby as well. Wow, that goes back a few years .... hehe!