Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Saying Hi to ...

... one of my blog followers! Not sure which blog you follow or whether you follow them both but it's great to get a personal message so I'm putting this on both of 'em *LOL* -
Jennifer from NZ - or was it Australia? Sorry, memory like a sieve and I've not long come off the phone to the Glitterpot either but ... they gave me your message so I'm returning the greeting and saying 'Hello'.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pam,

Just read your blog, as I do daily, and was tickled pink at your greetings to me. I am from Australia (about 3 hours drive, north of Sydney). I have been following your blogs (both) for 18 months now, and love them. You are very talented. You have often mentioned the Glitterpot, and when I was finding it impossible to find a couple of items in Oz, I checked out Glitterpot, and lo and behold, they had both. Of course, I had to order lots of other goodies too!

My beautiful son (one and only) has lived in London for 12 years, and will be coming for a visit in August, so he will hand deliver my goodies from G.Pot.

When next I go to the UK, I intend to do a couple of classes at the Glitterpot, so who knows, I may actually get to meet you.

You uploaded some lovely 'snow scenes' in (I think) January, and one of those is my desk top on my computer.

Bye for now, keep up the good work,