Friday, 31 July 2009

I finally ...

... feel relaxed. Well, more than I've done for a long while now. I've had a couple of quite good night's sleep and I'm putting it down to feeling more settled about what's happening with Dad. I now know that everything is in place. His meds are being delivered as they should be. He's on the books for all the medical care he needs or to be looked at (including the doc phoning me about his Vitamin B12 jabs he should be having). His care plan is in place and is going to be tweaked slightly to help him get up earlier - at his wish.

I've told him that I shall not be calling as frequently as I have been now that he's more settled (although he tells me he's not always comfortable living there but can't tell me why). I think he's still getting used to it but he's certainly more settled than he was. He still isn't the man that I knew but I have a feeling that what I'm seeing now is the man that he is - and always has been, just not to me before. He looks different as well and when I call now he looks at me as though he doesn't know me. I don't get an 'hello' or any greeting but he'll launch into everything he's worried about, from emptying rubbish bins to washing up - none of which he needs to worry about but does! Care Manager spoke to me today and said that she'd seen a lot of problems over the past weeks as people had moved in with the attitude, bad temper, shouting and cursing so I'm guessing that Dad has been included in that, especially as I've seen glimpses of it myself. In fact I've been on the receiving end a couple of times when talking to him. I feel that he no longer enjoys me visiting so it won't hurt now to cut the visits back and to make more of them when I do visit - as was intended when the idea of this move was first mooted. Perhaps, if we can get some interest back in his life it might just finish the cycle! Mind you, he's not helping himself much by not going to the coffee mornings (there was one this morning he didn't attend) or taking up with his reading again but he can't be forced, just encouraged and he needs to let people know what he wants for stuff to happen and .... he doesn't!

I'm not worrying about my hip. There's no point until I know exactly what's wrong and then there's still no point worrying - just deal with it. I think, all in all my life is starting to change from today and I'm comfortable with it at the moment (although I wish my health were better to make the most of it). Could change - life, that is, not health - but, for now ..... I'll look forward to my balloon flight next week (as long as weather allows) and finally get the benefit of my 2007 Christmas pressie - LOL!

Thanks for dropping by .....


My'scardcorner said...

Glad to hear that your Dad is more settled. Good Luck with your balloon flight next week hope you enjoy it.

sheffsue said...

Good to hear that you are feeling more relaxed Peejay. It can only do you good! As for your dad ..I think it's up to him now really....he has to decide if he wants to talk to people and join in or not. His carers sound as though they get on well with him and...more importantly...know their job.
Hope the weather is OK for your flight..keeping everything crossed.
Take care
Sue x