Monday, 10 August 2009

She said ...

... that she lived in the middle of nowhere and Boris wasn't about to make her into a liar - *LOL*! Who said? Jackie! I've just spent a weekend with her and what a fun weekend it's been but then, I knew it would be! A couple of hours drive away - to the far reaches of Kent .... nearly as far as you can go east of the UK. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly our countryside can change from manic motorway/trunk roads into a landscape where another car is difficult to find. Boris directed me off of the major trunk road into a world of little B roads unclassified roads, whilst showing me I was about 20 minutes away from my destination. That would have been 20 minutes away if I hadn't kept stopping to take photos of the landscape he was taking me across - *hehe*!

He did make one mistake - he dropped me in the middle of nowhere, telling me I'd "reached my destination" in the middle of road, surrounded by trees and nothing else. Mmmmmmm - don't think so! I knew J's house was on open land with a field in front. Just one time I was thankful for my mobile. I was actually less than a minute away from her but without local knowledge ....

View to Ramsgate (in far distance across the bay) from Jackie's house

I wasn't the only visitor she had but I've not taken up permanent residence - although neither has her other one if J has her way - *LOL*!
It, or they ('cos I'm sure there's more than one) aren't even fazed by Muggi or Xev!

Anyway, good company, good food, good wine and a brilliant weekend - even allowing for a 6 hour powercut just after I arrived which meant that the liquid refreshment had to come from a bottle instead of the tap and kettle - oooops!

Thanks for dropping by .....

Footnote: Boris is my satnav. Named Boris 'cos it's a German make called Becker, so what else was I supposed to call it - *LOL*?

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