Saturday, 9 January 2010

♫♪♪♫ Oh, the weather ...

... outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ♫♪♪♫

Well, I wish I didn't have anywhere to go and I actually wish I felt well enough to even try but I do and I don't so I'm staying put! The snow we had before Christmas eventually cleared but it snowed again in this area on Wednesday and I'm stuck! Have to say that it's not just the weather that has made me stuck but health as well 'cos, on top of the norm, I've now caught a cold from OH and feel really poo! I told him he shouldn't have been so generous - *LOL*

It's been an age since I've updated and really no reason other than I've just not been in the right frame of mind and don't see the point unless I am. There's been a bit going on so my 'journal' is a bit behind now as well.

Didn't see the little ones on Christmas day as originally planned as they all went down with the winter sickness bug. It started for them a couple of days before Christmas and, as one recovered another went down with it. Trying to steer clear of all bugs so hubby stayed bug free ready for his op on New Year's Eve, it was thought best to keep away. Dad came to us for the day and hadn't been here more than ½ hour when he decided he could stay the night by sleeping on our sofa. Mmmmmmmm, a 2-seater sofa that isn't a sofa bed? I don't think so! Eldest son and his family - new and our grandkids - called in Christmas afternoon and we had a house full. 5 kids - well, 18,16,13,12 and 8 - and 5 adults, including us, do not make for the quietest of times. We had fun but think Dad decided that it was all too much for him. He took his hearing aids out and not long after they'd left he decided it was time to go home - *lol*

We managed to have our time with the littlies on the Monday after Christmas. Santa had left a lot of stuff at our house for them and to see the excitement on their faces was wonderful. Little Zac was a bit bemused by it all and decided our kitchen was a good place to test out what his voice sounded like - at full scream! It was a happy, play scream but a scream, none-the-less .... *bless!*

Hospital confirmed, on the Wednesday, for hubby's op but he woke up on the Thursday full of cold. Rang the hospital to find out whether he should still go but anaethetist said 'no' due to tubes down throat so op was cancelled on the morning he should have had it. Talk about disappointed! He is so desperate for this op but everything seems to be conspiring against him having it. He's now got another date for 5th February. Not soon enough really but surgeon is off on a skiing jolly sometime in January and his list was full.

I've been shopping for the holiday. Not easy finding beachwear in the middle of winter when most of the country is covered in snow! Have managed though, which was just as well as I went shopping on Tuesday and the snow came back overnight Tuesday/Wednesday and I've been nowhere since! I've also done some online shopping (clothes, shoes, lotions, potions, meds and craft) and had emails from all the places I've bought from telling me they've all been despatched. Only problem is - the last post we received was on Tuesday. We've had no mail deliveries since then, of any sort - Royal Mail or courier - so it'll be like Christmas when it all starts getting through - *woohoo!*

On the subject of holiday ... that's changed twice in the last week. Firstly it seems that Zanzibar had a power failure before Christmas and the place has no electricity. We've been told it could be March by the time it's fixed and now it's affecting sanitation so plans changed and we're no longer going there so no Spice Trail but ..... we're going on safari instead! Now, am I disappointed? In one way yes but mainly, NO!!! Check out here. It's where we're going for a 3 night stay. Since that change the dates have changed as well. We're no longer flying out on the 2nd February. It's been delayed and we now go on 14th February but we're going for a couple of days longer. We're also gonna be doing the safari at the start and not the end and there's a possibility that we'll stay an extra night in Dar-es-salem. Of course, this could all change again before we go so, Magical Mystery Tour .... here we come! I'm now all jabbed out and have nothing more to have but one of my online shops are my anti-malarials which have been despatched but not yet arrived!

In the meantime it's still snowing and we've the worst to come if the forecast is anything to go by so looks as though I'm not going anywhere fast, any time soon! I've craft classes booked for Thursday, with Paula Pascual at the Glitterpot but whether I get there or not remains to be seen - assuming they're not cancelled anyway!

People complain that this country comes to a standstill when we have snow and to a certain extent that is true but - it is very rare for us to get a lot of snow so there is no real reason why we should be geared up to deal with it. If it was a given every year, as it is in other countries, we might have more reason to complain but as it's not I think we have to accept things as they are. It just wouldn't make economic sense to be geared up to deal with, what to us, are freak conditions. If it starts to become more the norm then that's a different matter but in the meantime ....

Well, think that's caught up with all the 'happenings'. Need to sort out photos now. Been playing a bit 'cos hubby bought me a new camera for Christmas especially for my holiday - and that was before we knew a safari was gonna be involved! Only problem is - I didn't get any photos of the eldest grandkids this Christmas. The first Christmas ever that I've missed getting any. I got a couple of the 'new' ones (or at least 2 of them) but with the confusion that was reigning they'd gone before I realised. Hoping eldest son has got some that I can add to my collection but not holding breath at getting any, even if he has. Trying to get photos from either of my boys is like pulling teeth - *LOL*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Janetvr said...

Hi Pam,
Hope you start to feel better soon. I think this weather puts everyone down in the dumps after a while. Apart from 2 days only, we have been snowed in since 22nd December. We have been told the thaw has been put back until next Thursday. I am beginning to run out of stuff again. (I live above 300m in north east Scotland). The ones I feel sorry for are all the farm animals left out in the fields. Been a very long time since it has been this cold.
Love and take care
Janet xx