Monday, 12 April 2010

Fundu Lagoon - Day 11 (2nd post today) ...

... first, real life! We've had a beautiful weekend weatherwise but seems the forecast isn't as good for a while :0(  I managed to get a tiny bit of crafting done and some more craft stuff sorted out but still loads to do. The tales from our holiday are coming to an end. The holiday was almost over - :0( Most activity was in the first 2 weeks and the 3rd, and last, week was so much less eventful and really relaxing.

3rd March - and a tale in pictures ... nearly!

Masai security guards leaving,  early morning ... around 7:30am.  We were going to do the last dolphin safari available before we went home but it didn't happen. 

Local fishermen netting fish and a couple of Mama's looking on.

Anie came to find us at breakfast and told us we needed to pack as we were moving rooms.  Then we had to make ourselves scarce until lunch or she found us (that'd be the jetty bar then!) to tell us our new room was ready ...  She came to find us to take us our new room.  A walk along the beach, she stopped, said "enjoy ladies" and walked away.  This was the first sight of our new 'room'!

OK, so it was back to a double bed but reckoned we could live with that.  It was so large it really didn't matter and Jackie had been missing me - rflmao!

Yep, that's a plunge pool and we're right on beach ...

How the other half live ... guess where we spent the afternoon!

High tide ... no beach to walk along ... it's under water.

New Masai security team arriving

Sea now comes to us if we wait long enough!  Half a dozen paces and into the sea for a dip as sun sets.

Absolute, sheer luxury! Then we learn that this was the room that had been allocated to us for the duration of our holiday except ... bookings changed just before we arrived so we had to forego it *sob*  Still, to finish our holiday this way was wonderful.

Ellis' (owner) last night but we managed to avoid dinner with her.  Alex had left for the office in Zanzibar a few days earlier and Marcus was around but not obvious.  Dinner eaten, we decided to have nightcap back at room.  Sitting in upper lounge area listening to the sounds of nature when a bushbaby suddenly ran through the roof above our heads.  Made us jump and Jackie screamed!  Wasn't expecting it and it was all over in a couple of seconds but it set us off into hysterical laughter ... again ... as did the fight with the bedding just to get a sheet.  We'd got it down to a fine art in our old room.  Now we had double the size to fight with - and double thickness of thick, furry, fleecy blanket!

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