Friday, 23 April 2010

Oh no! ...

 ... nearly a week since I last blogged! Just haven't felt like blogging. In fact, not felt like doing much at all. Why do I get this way every so often? I have been doing 'stuff', just not on lappy. When I've had lappy on I've not wanted to do anything except play games - and that's not been often. Just feel really lethargic this week although it's been quite busy.

I started prepping a slideshow to summarise the holiday but have only got half way through and lost interest for now.  Mind you, it's gonna be pretty big - *LOL*  Had thoughts on how to improve the others I've done as well.  On top of that I wanted to start prepping for a photobook so that when an offer came up that would save money I'd be ready.  Well, offer has come up for the next 3 days and am I ready?  Nope, not even started, so reckon I'll need to prep ready for the next time *hehe* 

Took Dad to get his new hearing aids fitted on Tuesday but we had to have a meeting with the Estate Manager before that. All to do with the catering service as it's on the cusp of starting up. Seems that it's now going to be all cooked on premises instead of being bought in and kept warm on the hot plate. Have to say it is a better idea but what I don't particularly like is that he's going to have to pay his share whether he has the meals or not. They've changed the tenancy agreement so there's no choice. Pity it wasn't up and running when he moved there as it would have been easier to get it into his new routine at the time. Now it's a complete change for him to cope with again. It's not just that he has to go out of the flat to have them but he'll have to change the time of his main meal so will have to adapt the size of his breakfast to ensure he's hungry enough to eat it! I am hoping that it works for him 'cos it'll make life easier all round. Shopping will be less hassle a) for me drawing up his list and b) for the carers to go and do. It will also mean he'll have better main meals - more balanced but, as Dad doesn't like veg he might not agree. Having said that, there will be a menu choice so if he doesn't want veg he doesn't have to have them. Just got to wait to hear when it's starting now.

Hearing aids seem to be a success. He could hear me without shouting or even looking at me and that hasn't   happened in a long time - *lol!* In fact, he asked me not to talk so loudly! I left a note for the carers so they were aware. Even the TV came down to a more realistic volume level. Think it'll take him a few days to get used to them but hopefully, by the time I call next week, he will have.

Had a night out as well on Tuesday.  Lovely meal with friends.  Our regular 'monthly'-ish meet. 

At home, I've been cupboard clearing and tidying and gathered another couple of large bags for the Dogs Trust. Some of it was stuff we'd decided to sell on eBay or at a car boot sale but, it's got to be stored until done and as most of it has been sitting waiting for action for over a year I reckon it ain't gonna happen so ... Dogs Trust, here it comes!

Had a lovely head massage yesterday and since then all I've wanted to do is sleep. Can't believe it's all down to the massage but yesterday a lot certainly was. I've had a few bad nights so think it was a combination of that as well. Today, I've just felt washed out, tired and headachey. Will try for an early night tonight and hope I feel better tomorrow. Craft class at the Glitterpot tomorrow afternoon and really looking forward to it. Was hoping that a space would come free for the morning as well but that hasn't happened - doh!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Janet said...

Sending you healing thoughts, Pam. Hope you start feeling like your old self soon.

Janet xx