Thursday, 29 July 2010

Birthday Card!

A birthday card and not a Kenny K image in sight *LOL!*

This was made for youngest son's birthday. He reached middle age today. He's now 35 *hehe*! I've used, for the very first time, one of my own background papers & toppers made from my own photograph .... see here. I've recently printed off a selection of my sheets and now know where I can improve them when I get round to doing more. Anyway, here's the card.

Cream, hammered, deckle edge card blank
Sepia car topper and backing paper - here
Gold mirri card (screw heads made using punched circles and embossed)
Craft Too General Greeting embossing folder for greeting

I've been 'decanting' unmounted stamps into CD & multimedia cases (DVD cases without the inserts) today. Takes up so much less room but it means - shock, horror - I've had to take them out of their packets! Mostly I've managed to get 2 stamp sets into a CD case and varying amounts of unmounted, on EaziMount, in the multimedia case depending on how big they are. Magnolias generally go 8 to a case. I'm labelling them as I go as well and with the multimedia I've made a template (just adapted one of my insert templates) and I'm dragging piccies of the stamps onto it, captioning them with their individual name, putting a title on the spine, printing off and inserting it just as if it were a DVD inside. Only problem is, I'm now surrounded by the smell of acrylic stamps! Why do they have to smell so much?  I've also got sore fingers from releasing the ones that stick like stuff to a blanket to the acetate that they're mounted on in their packs!  Not finished yet as loads more to do - the odd ones that aren't in sets, or at least, not large sets.



Cally said...

Great card Pam. Papers look good.

My'scardcorner said...

Brilliant card Pam and great that it is all your own work with papers etc..