Friday, 15 October 2010

Crafter's House Party - Thank you #1

My shoebox card makings will resume once I've finished the ones still to show.  Not had time to do them yet but in the meantime here are a few of the thank you cards I received at the end of the House Party weekend.  The partially hidden one was from Kaz and she really excelled herself with all the cutting and foiling on the lettering etc. but it was excellent.  Not sure which shop - or car boot - she got it from but she really put herself out there to find it - *lol*!  Only joking Kaz, it was still very much appreciated :0)

The ladies were extremely generous with their thank you as they paid for both of my therapy sessions and gave me vouchers to spend at the Glitterpot. I wish they hadn't done anything as my thank you was seeing everyone enjoying themselves and it all passing off successfully but I am very grateful for what they did do. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and reiki sessions and spending the Glitterpot vouchers. All were such hard work .... NOT!


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