Saturday, 22 January 2011

Clear and Unmounted Stamp Storage.

Warning .... long post and photo heavy *LOL* (click on any photo to enlarge for more detail if needed)

I've seen a lot of storage ideas for clear and unmounted stamps and tried some of them in the past that have lasted a nano second. I found ring binder files filled up too quickly and I lacked space to store them.   I've done the laminated storage sheets in binders or flat in boxes.  Yesterday I met up with some crafty friends and we got to talking about storage for different things and one was with regard to stamps, both clear and unmounted rubber. My latest attempt at storage is working well for me at the moment so I thought I'd pass on what I do. It's not new by any means and is one of the ways I've found in my blog travels but with my twist added. I'm sure somebody else has this twist as well but I've not seen it anywhere before.

I use a combination of CD cases and Multistorage cases (DVD cases without the inserts). Bought in bulk they are very reasonable and, if you don't need the amount of them that I did you could always share the costs with a friend. I bought the unassembled CD cases found here and the Multistorage cases found here.  My workspace shelves are CD & DVD shelves so these all fit well and within reach of where I craft.

I store clear stamps in the CD cases and generally you can fit 2 sets of stamps in one case.  Occasionally only one set will fit.  I label the spines with the make and set names and number it. (I was going to use peeloffs for that bit but decided against *hehe* but it is a way of using any number peeloffs you've got, especially if you don't have many cases)  The reason for numbering will become clear nearer the end of the post.

Rubber unmounted stamps (including those mounted onto Eazimount/Klingon or similar) I store in the Multistorage containers.  The only reason for this is because the spine is wider so gives room to take the thicker stamps.  Because there is a facility for adding a paper sleeve to these cases I made a template and I type the make and any detail that I can fit onto the spine area.  I then either stamp the image or go find the image on the internet and copy onto the sleeve (naming it if possible).  I print it off, trim and slide it into the cover.  I then add a number to the spine but you could add this at the time of printing details onto the spine area.

To finish and to make it easy to find the stamps I want, or to sit and choose what I want to work with, I either stamp the image onto paper or use the package images (pictures will give a clearer idea of what I mean).  I try to keep them in categories ie: Christmas, Greetings/sentiments, Female, Male etc etc.  I then put the CD or Multistorage case number that they are in next to that image/package image.  I put them all into plastic wallet sleeves and put them in a ring binder ... mine's an A5 one.  All I have to do to find a stamp is to browse through my 'catalogue', choose the stamp, take a note of the DVD/CD case number and go find the relevant one on my shelves.  Easy peasy and saves the grand hunt that I used to have.

I hope you find this of some use/help to you, even if it's only to take a few ideas from or points you in a direction that will work for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Pam you are so organized. Great ideas you have come up with, I don`t have many stamps as I just don`t seem to get on with them and as for colouring them ..............well I just can`t get the hang of that either.
I love the idea of the folder telling you what is in each case.....very clever.

Jackie p x

Craftnut said...

one day, when i get a craft room i would love this level of organisation. Tracyx

My'scardcorner said...

Brilliant idea Pam Ive not many stamps but still like the idea of the CD and DVD boxes for them.

Jan M said...

Brilliant idea - just wish I had the amount of stamps you have !! Mine at the moment are in a v large clear hanging meant for photos and the rest are in clear folders pinned to the wall :)

Nicky said...

Love this idea now I am working out where I can put a CD rack so that I can have mine stored like this - my sort of organisation - hmm thinking cap on - wonder of the dog really needs such a big bed??? - thanks for sharing xx