Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hmmmm! ...

... Monday posted, today's Saturday! Big failure and it was started with all good intentions but it's been a busy week.

Firstly, hubby made it home in time for tea on Monday. Pea soup went down a treat and the banana and pecan loaf? Delicious! Soooo much better than the muffins so will be looking for a different muffin recipe to give them another go with different ingredients. Hubby in severe pain and it's back to the beginning, where we were last year, after his first hand operation. 5 weeks in plaster than up to 9 months, or thereabouts, recovery. Time will tell if this is any more successful than last time but they've tightened up ligaments so there should be less movement on the thumb. Unfortunately it meant they had to cut up the arm to find them - eeeewww!

Tuesday was a normal visit to Dad and in the evening I was out with my old workmates, who are also friends. Several of them I've known since I was 19 years old.  We all worked for the same firm and were made redundant in 1993 but we've met up every 5 to 6 weeks since then.  A couple now bring their spouses with them so we've regularly a group of 10.  The first meet after Christmas is always around the time of my birthday so this one was in 'celebration' (if you can call it that), hence the balloons on the table. Lovely meal, reasonably priced, great atmosphere and it was busy!  We've already booked a table for our next meet.

It's hard work choosing from the selection offered *LOL*

My mate Cally.

Wednesday and I finally got the Moraccan shepherds pie made!  It was Amy's (youngest grand-daughter) birthday and she was the grand old age of  5!

Chillaxing day for Thursday and Friday made another visit to Dad.  It's  his birthday today, Saturday, but I was booked for a stint of babysitting ... having Zac while his sisters went to celebrate Emma's (middle grand-daughter) 9th birthday!  She shares her birthday with my Dad, her great-grandad.  She was born on his 80th birthday ... and yes, I did say her 9th - *LOL*

  Well, it's cold indoors - and Mummy and Daddy abandoned me!

Well, that's this week over and done with and now going to open a bottle.  Not something that's done often in this house but then it's not every day you see the end of a decade!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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