Thursday, 10 March 2011

Been playing ...

... today. I've started working on getting the blogs merged.  Well, they are actually merged now.  All the posts from Crafty Bits are now here and I've been working on the Tutorials.  Most just didn't make sense the way they'd transferred over so I've been editing and making them understandable again.  They're now done!  I don't think there's much more to do now other than give the layout a make-over and deal with the sidebar then it'll be all ready for the 'relaunch'.  I might (but only might), for the first time ever, offer some blog candy to 'celebrate' :0)

Inbetween times I've been sorting, clearing and cleaning kitchen cupboards - *yawn, boring* - but it has to be done.  Kitchen is a tip and needs a good sort out before I can even think of giving it a deep clean.  Think the dogs home will be getting another delivery soon - *LOL*  Took the opportunity, while Paul was out having his MRI and I had a couple of uninterrupted hours.  Managed to get 2 and a bit cupboards and a drawer done.  3 and a bit cupboards to go and I can then get into the serious cleaning - oh joy!

So now I'll finish the treat post!  I only stopped 'cos of the amount of pics ....
Anyways, we were going to eat in the hotel but didn't fancy what they had on menu.  Paul wanted fish & chips  and beautician told us that a restaurant called 'Fishy, Fishy' (apparently owned by Dermot O'Leary) did ordinary fish & chips as well as more fancy fish dishes.  Off we went to find it only to discover that it didn't have a wheelchair accessible entrance so we decided to try the other option we'd been recommended ... Jamie Oliver's Italian.  Hmmmmm!  Well, what can I say?   There's no booking at this restaurant and you have to be prepared to wait.  We were early so got seated without waiting.  Ordered a bottle of wine and wished we hadn't.  Wine was lovely - menu choice?  Nothing hit us and, if we hadn't already got the wine we'd have left but no option so choices had to be made.  Starters were delicious,  Unfortunately the main courses didn't follow suit.  They were nice but nothing exceptional.  Perhaps we should have had pasta but Paul had steak and I had a medley of local seafood.  Would we go back?  Nope!  The food just wasn't worth the prices being charged.

Back to hotel and did something we never do - watched TV in bed, after I'd had a non-spa bath (it's when I discovered the spa bit wasn't working). Reasonable night, luvverly full English for brekkie and a beautiful bright, sunny morning.  We decided, as we were right on the front and the weather was good, that we'd go for a stroll. Bearly a cloud in the sky and not a whisper of breeze but boy, was it cold!  It did, however, help to digest the mahoosive brekkie and finish our short stay off really nicely :0)

West Pier

Red brick building - Hilton Brighton Hotel Metropole
White building - The Grand Hotel
Grey building/red roof - Brighton Centre (conferences/events/concerts)

Where we stayed.  
Our room suite is the 2 bay windows on the the overhang immediately above the bus.

The hotel Atrium

Dining 'room' was in fact a mezzanine level overlooking the ground floor of the atrium.

View from reception to the rear entrance past the beauty/therapy rooms

This was the first time I'd been in this hotel never having had a function to attend there, or any other reason to go inside.  The atrium is very impressive and the therapy rooms quite luxurious.  The suite wasn't quite as impressive but all in all it was a good break, even if we were only a 20 minute drive from home - *LOL*

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