Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last project from ...

... Wednesday and my favourite, although I've some corrections to make *LOL*

This one used Stampin' Up products, predominantly the Vintage Vogue stamp set which is good as it's one that I own ... *YAY*  I can definitely see me making more in this style.  Deb's got inspiration for it from somewhere but couldn't remember, at the time, where it was but she's since remembered and it was here (scroll down to the very bottom of the post as it's the last card shown).  I've never ruffled/ruched ribbon in this way before but will certainly be using it again.  Very sticky tape (the red stuff) was laid down after the border was stamped and then the ribbon was randomly ruffled and stuck down as you go ... if that makes sense :0{ (does to me - *lol*)  I can think of several ribbons I have that I might not have used in a traditional way so they could have been wasted but, with this method I would certainly use them.

The larger flower was the reverse of the fully stamped one with the edges inked.

Now, if nobody had noticed from the photo of me holding the card a few posts ago, what my faux pas was it will be obvious now .... and what the correction is that I have to do!  Yep, I put it together upside down!  

I had a bit of a nightmare with this one.  No excuses ... well actually there are excuses.  Last card of day, around 3pm, tired and my concentration was shot.  Started off OK with everything cut to size, stamped, punched, ribbon stuck on then stuck cream mat onto orange and ...... it wasn't square.  Took it off, lifted ribbon and trimmed ............... crooked!  Tried again and still crooked.  All the while the orange border, which should have been barely there, was getting bigger and bigger.  Tried to get it straight one more time, failed and gave up, sticking it all together for final time.  Only problem was, card blank laying flat and I didn't check which way up it was ..... ooops!  Now, do I start a new trend or should I put it right?  *hehe*

Visit to Dad yesterday .... exciting!  NOT!  He liked the banana cake - phew!  Left him the box with the rest of it and the apple cake.  Just hope he remembers it's there before the contents turn a lovely shade of blue.  No problems reported regarding the hearing aids ... although he did ask if he was to continue putting them in their box at night.  Yes Dad.  Thinking we were going to have a good visit with no problems, just a nice chat as I did his little jobs, then it started.  The TV!  The TV didn't start (well it actually did start - that wasn't the problem) ... he did, about it, or rather the remote control!  How do you turn TV on with remote? He'd just done it without thinking.  How do you turn it off?  He'd just done that as well.  How do you change channel?  That's more difficult as he stopped channel hopping when he moved.  Before that he was always channel hopping.  Explained about the number buttons (he'd only use 4 channels at most as he's never done any of the digi channels or Channel 5).  Asked if he remembered ever using them ,... nope!  Showed him again (it's not the first time we've been through this) and told him not to worry about it if he's not going to want to change channel anyway.  Now .... how many times can you go over the same thing in a couple of hours, without losing the will to live??????  Even as I was going out the door he was still asking the same questions ....

I'm not sure if it's the only way he can really interact nowadays.  Every week there seems to be just one thing we have to concentrate on.  I can try changing the subject but he ignores that, as if he hasn't heard me, and his focus is fully on whatever concern is most current to him.  It seems to be cyclical as well.  One thing gets sorted to his satisfaction so we move on to the next.  That gets sorted then we move on to something else and so on.  Every few weeks we're back to where we started and off we go again.  Holding a normal conversation now seems to be pretty much beyond him so I guess I should be grateful for what I do get.  He tells me that he knows what he wants to say in his head but it just doesn't seem to want to come out of his mouth (at least, that's what I think he was trying to tell me).  He can't say the right words although they're there, in his head.  You can actually see him trying and getting frustrated because they won't come.  He does seem to have lost the art of conversation which hasn't been helped by his refusal to socialise with anyone or take part in any of the activities available at the flats ... of which there are many now.  I've tried, the carers have tried, but he just will not join in with anything.  He won't go outside of his flat!  Short of forcing him there's nothing we can do.  I'm so sure that 'if you don't use it, you lose it'.  OK, so some of it is uncontrollable but it's certainly not helped if you don't 'use it'.

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ikki said...

Hi Pam, read your post and it brought back a lot of painful memories of our parents! Sorry to hear you are having similar problems! It is a difficult and frustrating time for all and I feel for you! Keep trying to smile and say it again, and again if need be - you are coping with an illness. I know this is hard, I've been there!

Thanks for visiting the Cupboard, not sure what I did with yesterday (lol, but with your help I may find it!

ikki x