Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm going ...

... shopping!  I hate shopping - normally.  This is different.  I'm finally shopping for wall coverings and flooring.  Yay us!  First foray has been done and some wallpaper samples gathered.  Some are already discarded.  I'm off out again tomorrow to find some more from different sources and I want to look at some flooring I've seen on-line.  Looks ideal on-line but would rather see in real life.  

Nothing else of worth to report so I'll do a bit more catch up. Something crafty again?
December 2012 saw eldest son reach 40.  At one of Greta's playdays Debs had brought some card kits for us to play with.  I pinched one of them and it turned out to be the ideal card for him.  The background is made by sticking masking tape onto card then applying ink directly from the ink pad to the tape.  Once the ink was dry it was versamarked all over, clear embossing powder added and heated.  Very effective and ideal for the subject of the card.

January 2013 and the youngest granddaughters had birthdays - as did our little great-granddaughter.  Unfortunately I never got round to making her birthday card, even though it was her 1st birthday.  Too much was going on.  I did get to make the granddaughters'.  Quick and easy and peel-offs were used (shock, horror).  The girls liked them though and that's the main thing.  They were made from sheets of decoupage gathered at another of Greta's playdays but only on the understanding that I used them ..... :)

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