Monday, 1 September 2014

Ooooops - Monday!

... nearly forgot :O
Been very busy this week working on a new photo book.  When I'm in the zone doing one of them I forget everything else around me!  I started it some while ago, I admit.  It's for a holiday that Jackie and I went on last April.  That's April 2013!   We went closer to home than normal and had 11 nights in Sorrento, Italy.  Beautiful place and, of course, full of history.  With Herculaneum and Pompeii on it's doorstep how could it not be?  Scenery?  Well Sorrento itself catered for that but then there was the Amalfi Drive.  Yep, I've been reliving it and the fun we had.  Anyway, book is now finished and I'm waiting for Jackie to confirm she's happy and then it'll be ordered when a good deal comes along.

Apart from that it's been a quiet week - well, ish.  Had the normal exercise class on Tuesday (my turn to make the tea - lol!) and Wednesday OH and I went shopping together.  Well, not quite true.  I went with OH and I did the shopping while he went to the optician.  He had the start of cataracts last year.  Seems they've got worse (he suspected they had, hence the visit) but they're not bad enough to be dealt with yet however he needs new long distance specs.  Think old age is catching up with him physically, even if not in how he looks.

The only thing of note that happened this week was a visit from somebody we'd not seen for around 15 years.  It was great to catch up and meet his new partner.  His wife died just after we last saw him and he's been with his new partner for around 10 years now.  We've had intermittent contact over the 15 years but no face to face.  They came down this way (they live in Co. Durham) for a holiday and it was the ideal time to play catch up.

Not too sure what's going on with my hair - lol!
Bit of a catch up.  Back in June I went on, what has become regular, a break away with a group of crafty friends.  Originally named Crafter's House Party, it's now called all sorts of things but mainly AM (for Appleby Magna where the break is held).  The first one was held as a jointly hosted, by me and Jak, 3 night House Party with invited friends.  It then became a 4 night one for the following 4 years, still by invitation.  This year it became a week and a great week was had by all.  I actually got out and saw the village close by the cottages.  Something I'd been promising myself for a while.  I've still not managed to get to the zoo but there's still time - lol!  I discovered very recently, that the National Arboretum, is within a short drive away so I'm planning on visiting there next year ... It remains to be seen if I get there.  Here's a rogues gallery and a few of the crafty makes ....

Back from L-R: Cathy, Trace, Debs, Greta, Kim, Jackie (with Archie over her shoulder ... don't ask!), Toni.
Front from L-R: Moi, Susan, Cally and Chris

Well, that's a quick catch up and a pretty much average week, with the exception of our visitors.  Just realising how much I could have blogged about in the desert that my blog became but mojo just wasn't there and it's a bit late to do details so long after the events ....

Oh yes, one thing that's happened - OH and I have booked a holiday for next year. We've booked to go back to Cyprus for our 30th (Pearl) wedding anniversary.  Bit of a step up from the Isle of Wight weekend we did for our Silver - lol!  We're going to stay at a brand new hotel that's only opening in June next year but it's a sister hotel to the one we stayed at when our eldest remarried in 2011.  This time we'll be staying in Paphos instead of Agia Napa and we're going to hire a car so that OH can get out and about and see a bit of the country.  Driving seems relatively easy - they drive on the sensible side of the road - lol!  Something to look forward to.

Think that's all for this week .....

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Clair Matthews said...

WOW..what a fantastic catch up! i'm so glad you're blogging again. Looking forward to seeing your photo book ;)

See you thursday xxxxx