Sunday, 20 March 2016

May be too ...

... early to celebrate so won't be holding our breath any time soon but ..... hubby has had 3 'good' days in a row *YAY!*  Does this mean they've finally found the combination to help deal with the pain?  Really hoping so but, as I say, we're not holding our breath just yet but keeping everything crossed.  They're monitoring him and he's still on a syringe driver but, if things continue as they are now he could be home soon???

I took him to the local PC World today.  He wanted to have a look at some gaming laptops.  Why I can only guess at.  He's got a bells and whistles PC he uses for his games.  He's got a bells and whistles laptop but not a gaming one.  He has a tablet.  Can't see the need for yet another piece of tech when he barely has anything on the stuff he's already got.  Insists on mega amounts of memory yet doesn't save a thing to them.  Crazy!  I've asked why he needs wants yet another one.  Haven't had an answer.

The kiddlies have had a couple of sleepovers here with their Dad.  I've managed to clear some space for them to have a 'play' corner and it's been 'personalised'.  Think they're happy with it.  I'll do more as and when I can for them but I have 'jobs' to do in preparation of OH coming home.

March has seen a couple of Clair's workshops.  Yet again, beautiful cards and great techniques.
Lavinia fairy stamp, distress ink background, Marianne flourish die, SU flower punch, Sunbeam embossing folder
Sunbeam embossing folder, SU dies and stamps.  Leaves and flowers are inlaid from the 'cut outs' cut from spray coloured card
I made a card under my own volition recently .... for my nephews 21st.  I used a technique learnt at one of Clair's workshops a couple of years ago.   Always good for a man's card *grin*
Sizzix Wordplay die for name, SU dies for numbers.  'Metal' work - aluminium foil tape with plaster board joint tape/scrim ... both from DIY stores
Just realised I missed this in February .... Valentines!  OH and I have never bought each other anything for Valentine's day.  To me it's for singles, not old marrieds as we found our 'valentine' when we got together and married but, this year he was in the hospice.   Hospice visitors/volunteers took in roses to give the patients and they were able to have one for the significant other.  OH got one for me and then made me bring his home as well!

Tomorrow is going to be a batch cooking day - something I started doing when OH was in the hospice last year.  Only started it to make it worthwhile cooking for myself.  Making meals in bulk and freezing so I had meals to hand instead of cooking for one all the time or buying ready meals.  I continued it when OH came home.  To spend 2 to 3 days cooking continuously - pots and pans on the hob and 2 slow cookers on the go - to save cooking for a couple of months (apart from the odd stuff that has to be done fresh) is soooo worth it to me.  I dislike cooking so would rather batch cook and get it out of the way and it provides us with non processed, fresh, healthy quick meals when needed.

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