Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another trip ...

... to the cinema.  This time we saw Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  Very different film for us but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Before we went to the cinema the OH had an appointment with the Chemo Dept at the Cancer Clinic.  Ostensibly to collect his next month's drugs but we had to go in early as his bloods from the day before showed a raised potassium level so they wanted to repeat.  Repeat results came back fine so it must have been the banana he'd eaten not long before Dracula had arrived to suck blood the day before.  She had arrived a lot earlier than they normally do and he'd not long had breakfast.  Anyway, that dealt with, drugs collected and off to the Marina we went.  Lunch first, a little stroll (to kill a bit of time) and cinema.  

A while back - a few months ago, if truth be told - I mentioned about some Snowdogs that were being decorated and would be forming a trail at some point in the year to raise funds for the hospice that the OH has spent a lot of time in over the past year.  The snowdogs are now in situ on the trail and we went to see a couple residing in the Marina.  There is another but wasn't sure where it was and didn't have a trail map.  Turns out it was near the cinema but we missed it.  We did, however, get 2 of them so now I've seen 4 .... 2 unofficially way back in the spring.  Disco Dog lived in the foyer of the hospice for a long while and the other was in the back of a pick up in the car park (this post here).  It transpires that one is now outside the Sea Life Centre and is called Under the Sea.
Sand Sculpture in Marina Square
Brighton Rock
Bone China
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