Saturday, 29 March 2008

What a week!

It's been over a week since I last posted and what a time we've had! Easter passed completely uneventfully, except for the weather - LOL! Visited grandkids with their eggs, played hangman and helped with homework for a while. Was still feeling pretty lethargic although better in self but having forced myself to do some shopping I decided to continue on the 'force myself' programme - LOL! Then Tuesday arrived!

Oh boy - what a day! Made my normal morning visit to aged, disabled parents only to find Mum in a state of 1/2 undress (never, ever known before) and fighting for breath. Last time this happened she ended up in hospital from which she discharged herself (long story) but suffice it to say she wasn't too keen to repeat the experience. Called GP for a home visit but upshot was - she was sent to hospital! There she has remained until today and they've now discharged her but - she is still far from well! She has many, many health problems - GP calls her a complicated lady - lung disease, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, macular degeneration, ulcerated legs and I'm sure there's some I've missed! Dad, bless him, has bad memory problems (mild dementia) and is a worry wort but he's also disabled (severe mobility probs due to several causes), blind in one eye, hypertension blah-de-blah!! Not only have I had hospital visiting but extra visits to Dad to make sure he hasn't done anything silly - like burning the house down - and also to get his dinner as he hasn't a clue how to use either the oven or the microwave. He's been shown soooooooo many times how to but, he just doesn't remember. Dad is 86 and Mum is 79. Growing old is fine if you can keep your health and faculties. Unfortunately neither is the case with my parents and I'm getting older by the minute - :giggle:. Have had no time this week to 'look after myself' as they've had to take priority but this morning I've had a bad one. Can't quite put finger on it but I feel as though my post-viral probs are catching up a bit! Just hope I've recovered enough that some resistance has built up and I'm not going down with anything again .................. please, pretty please!

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