Tuesday, 1 April 2008

It never rains ....

.... but it pours, as the saying goes. Just getting Mum and Dad settled back into a routine, of sorts, and now their dog is ill. He was fine yesterday but today he was very lethargic, unable to stand for more than a couple of seconds but most oddly, he was very quiet. He usually spends his time, when I'm there, running around trying to get me to play and barking at me. Today - nothing, nowt, nadda!! Quiet as a mouse but tail still wagging. Told Mum & Dad to keep an eye on him and if he got any worse to call me. If he didn't show improvement by the morning then vet was going to be called. Hadn't been home an hour when phone rang. Ollie (that's dog's name) had gone out to garden, laid down and wouldn't, or couldn't, get up to come back in. When he saw me he got excited enough to manage to stand and I got him indoors but it looked to me as though he may have had a stroke. Anyway, called vet for home visit (he wouldn't have got in car and he's too heavy to pick up) and it's not looking good. The vet is a lovely, caring, very knowledgable man who has looked after all the family animals over the last 20+ years and ............ he thinks it's stomach cancer. There is one other thing it could be and the next couple of days will tell him more depending on how Ollie reacts to the meds he's been given but, I could tell he was pretty certain. Just hope he's wrong for all their sakes. Not sure what it would do to Mum & Dad if they lost their 'baby' right now with everything else that's going on with them. An ultrasound may be required to confirm a diagnosis but we've to report in with the vet daily at the moment but he said that if it was what he thought Ollie is just likely to go to sleep one day and not wake up.
As I say, it never rains!!

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