Monday, 28 April 2008

More catch up ...

... and I really must blog more frequently if this is going to be worthwhile doing - LOL!

On Saturday I was at a school reunion. Not mine, I hasten to add!!! I hated school with a vengeance and had no intention of having anything to do with it ever again - LOL! This school reunion was hubby's and it's the first he's been to. His circumstances were completely different to mine as his school was also his home for 8 years. He was a boarder and often spent the school holidays there as well as term time - including several Christmas's. His school pals were like his family and he knew them and his school better than he knew his own home and parents. That sounds awful and, in many ways it is but - his parents were in show business and they made the decision that he would receive an education and not be dragged all over the world with them while they worked. Anyway, Caius College (now Shoreham College) held their reunion at the school in the afternoon, where the current Headmaster and his wife hosted the visit, and there was a buffet meal in the evening at the Hove Club. I had to laugh at the 'education' in this school because, as the reunion went on, it became increasingly obvious that Caius, although a private boarding school, was not exactly high on academia! It seemed that none of the 'boys' left with any exam success to speak of but all developed a love of sport! The recurrent theme was that it was 'character building'. Having said that, many of them have done really well for themselves.

Hubby thoroughly enjoyed himself and managed to catch up with a few old reprobates and the daughter of the then, Headmaster. One of his old pals was also the son of the man that used to make hubby's Dad's stage shoes. Turns out, although he's now retired, that he is very well known amongst dancers worldwide and his Company supplies the English National Ballet. Any dancers will probably know the Company -
Freed of London - and hubby's pal is Rodney Freed aka 'Dr Pointe' (to the left in the photo) - and what a lovely man he is.

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