Monday, 28 April 2008

The future

Thursday saw me on baby-sitting/child-minding duty. There was a teacher's strike which affected my eldest grandchildren but not the youngest. I finally had to do a 'proper' grocery shop, first I've had to do in weeks, so eldest grand-daughter spent the morning with me while Mum was at work. She is sooooooooo helpful now that she's older. I hate this type of shopping but she loves it - oh what it's like to be 11 years old - lol! Grandson, at turned 16, is old enough to look after himself but it's better that he and his sister are separated when a few hours are involved - lol!!

The afternoon was spent looking after the little ones for a couple of hours while Mum & Dad went hospital visiting for their 20 week baby scan - YYYaaaYYY!!!! Seems things are progressing nicely and there's no date change so it's still 5th September, or thereabouts. Could be earlier as it's likely to be a C-section following the last one. They think they may have found out what variety it is, inadvertantly because they didn't actually want to know. They're not completely sure though, so that's good!

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