Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Oooooh Nooo!!

.... they're back and we were sooooooo hoping they wouldn't be!! 'They' are the seagulls that nested on our dormer roof last year for the first time. No problem initially and all was sweet while they were just incubating but, once the chick hatched they turned into the gulls from hell! Well, at least if we wanted to go in and out of our patio door, which leads from our lounge onto the back patio - and ultimately the garden and OH's car - they did. I guess that most of the time they were just on guard and they didn't seem to have a problem with us leaving the house. They just didn't like us walking towards it! I suppose they thought we were after the chick (there were, in the beginning, two chicks but one disappeared) so, every so often, they would start dive-bombing. They came down quite close sometimes and OH took to carrying a broom with him so he could wave the broomstick around to avert attack. Anyway, they're back, nest building and practising - very noisily and with no care as to who can see - LOL!!

One of last year's parents.

Last year's surviving chick.

If anyone has any ideas on how to stop them using our dormer, now they think it's a valid nesting site, they would be gratefully received. A friend suggested that we put a 'dummy' owl on the roof but somebody else said that, if it remained static, they would ignore it. As I'm not into climbing onto the dormer roof on a regular basis to move an owl of any persuasion (or could possibly be persuaded if it were a real one ........ maybe!) that suggestion was shelved. Any other ideas - sensible, I hasten to add - will be given due consideration - LOL!!!

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