Friday, 18 April 2008

Today was the day.

Well, it's over and have to say it's just what she would have wanted ... simple and dignified ... although I can hear her say "and even that was too much!" My brother told me that it was the best he'd been to (if there can be a 'best' in these circumstances). No words were said. It was left to the music and our thoughts. The recording of 'Edelweiss' was hauntingly beautiful and very emotional and it couldn't have been bettered for her arrival. There was a couple of minutes quiet for us to reflect in our own thoughts and then 'So Long, Farewell' was played as the curtains came round. 'My Favourite Things' was exactly the right choice for us all to leave by.

We didn't have 'Lonely Goatherd' at all but, another spooky thing, Tuesday evening I had just finished telling my friends about the music choice and that I had wanted that track when it was played in the restaurant on their musak!

The flowers were just as ordered - bright and cheerful and full of daisies & chrysanth's - lol!

The buffet lunch at the alternative venue to the Garden Centre was superb. I think they catered for 150 instead of 15 so there was plenty for doggy bags but still loads left behind. I would not hesitate to use them again - I'd just halve the number to be catered for - lol!!

I think I now know why we couldn't book the Garden Centre. The venue we ended up using was a place that Mum, Dad, me & OH were going to have a meal at to celebrate our birthdays, earlier in the year. We had been waiting for Mum to be well enough for us to go for that meal. It looks as though fate stepped in and the whole family went instead ......

...Pity I didn't notice that the orchids (Mum's favourite flowers & given by her eldest grandson, my eldest) had twisted round in the cellophane so all I managed to photograph were the backs of them :o((

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