Friday, 18 April 2008


Youngest son rang last night to check arrangements for Mum's funeral today. He told me something that happened yesterday which is really spooky and, if anyone can put a rational explanation to it then, feel free! My daughter-in-law was out with the little ones (the 2 and 6 year old) and were driving through Rottingdean on their way home. As they drove up the High Street the youngest one said...... "I see Grandma" - not once but 3 times in succession. It gets spookier! She said it as they passed the Funeral Directors where Grandma was laying at rest at that moment. There is absolutely no way that the little one has any idea of what's going on. It's going over her head completely. Rottingdean holds no memory relating to Grandma for her and, obviously, she wouldn't know about the Funeral Director or anything else relating (she was only 2 in January) but ....... she saw Grandma.

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