Wednesday, 16 April 2008

You'd have to see it

Started clearing Mum's clothes. I thought I had a fair few and I knew she had stuff she'd never worn and a lot still with price labels on but - I didn't expect to find around 60 skirts, 45 blouses, 20 jackets, coats and macs, 30 pairs of shoes, 10 pairs of trousers (from somebody who didn't wear trousers until recently) and I've still to see to jumpers (whole wardrobe full on their own - lol!), nightwear and general bits and pieces that Dad wants to go. So far I've taken 4 dustbin bags of skirts, 1 of shoes, 2 of jackets & coats and 1 of blouses to the Dogs Trust, Shoreham, for their shop. I reckon that, by the time I finish sorting everything out, they could stock the shop with just what has been supplied by her - lol! Mum rarely bought cheap and most is very high quality so, if the items are priced sensibly, the Dogs Trust should make a good bit out of the donation. I do hope so as she would be over the moon to see the dogs benefit.

Dad has joined me on the trips to the homing centre, just for the ride out. Did the first trip on Monday, yesterday he was asking when we were going again so off we went again today. Weather has been good - bright and sunny - and, with the centre being about 15 miles away it's made quite a nice afternoon out.

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