Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Derrr ...

Odd few days, very odd.

Spent Saturday mainly with Dad doing - yep, more sorting and cleaning!! Venetian blinds and lounge are done and it's looking pretty clear now. There's a few knick-knacks around but not many. Still, it'll make dusting a doddle - lol! Got a call in the afternoon to say that grandson, who's 16, had been knocked off his bike (moped) while he was waiting at red lights. Driver (unfortunately a woman) 'thought he was going to go' so shoved him up the rear - ermmmmm, red lights??? Fortunately, although bike is in need of hospitilisation he wasn't, as such. His knee was caught between her car and his bike but an x-ray showed that it was badly bruised and scrased but no break or fracture. Will be stiff for a few days but, ultimately, OK. Means he won't be gardening for Great-Grandad for a while as he's finding it difficult moving but he's in the middle of his GCSE's so isn't doing much walking anyway and he's taken a week off of his paper round to help it.

Visited my youngest grand-daughters on Sunday. They are soooooo cute and funny. The tiniest one has just got over a bout of chickenpox and she still has a couple of largish scabs on her chin. Mum & Dad can't stop her picking - how can you convince a 2 year old it's not a good idea? They are such lovely little girls. The elder of the two is ultra sensitive which can be a worry sometimes, well, I think so, but she is endearing. The youngest is just so funny and just as endearing but in a totally different way. My oldest grand-daughter, who was with me end of last week, is now away on an adventure week with the school ..... all the way to the Isle of Wight - lol!!

I also spent time finding the bits and bobs needed, and preparing stuff, for the SE mini-meet from the imag-e-nation forum, which is on Thursday. Not sure I've bought enough for everyone now so we'll probably have to improvise but hey, we're crafters and isn't that what we do mostly?? I didn't think I would be taking that much this time and, OK, I'm not taking my trolley and a crate like I did last time but, my trolley is completely full with no room to spare. Just hope I make sense with the instructions and peeps can follow what I'm on about - lol!

Yesterday and today - well apart from the usual with Dad and my 3rd dental appointment being cancelled, due to the dentist being ill, I think I'd prefer to forget them. I've had to become a bit heavier-handed than usual on the forum due to some very un-necessary unpleasantness and it's not something I enjoy, as a moderator/administrator, at all. In an ideal world there should be no need for mods/admins but, unfortunately, it isn't, so there is. It's just such a shame when adults start acting like overgrown school kids - :o((

I hate it when this sort of thing happens and I sometimes wonder whether it's worth all the hassle. I am, after all, just an ordinary member, the same as everyone else - but then somebody comes along and reminds me why it is worth it. I do it for those that appreciate it and, from the feedback I get, they far outweigh those that don't - lol!! I know I'm not always the most popular person there but it seems many know who to come to when they need admin help! If I was after winning a popularity contest I certainly wouldn't do it but, I've broad shoulders and a thick skin, so reckon I've probably got the main requirements for the job - lol!!

Anyway, here's to Thursday and a day of crafting - I hope - lol!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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