Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I'm feeling ...

... OLD!!
My grandson had his last day at school yesterday. He's now all 'growed up' - allegedly - LOL!! He has an interview for a part-time 'proper' job this afternoon (as opposed to paper round job). Part-time because he's hoping to go to college in the autumn. He's already done 2 years on a basic motor mechanics course as part of his options and he's actually NVQ Level 1 qualified - changing tyres, exhausts etc. He's been working one day a week at a local garage since the college course finished (arranged by the school), free and gratis, for work experience and also so he had no excuse to bunk off school. "Well, I didn't have any lessons to go to!" .......... type of excuse - lol!. Unfortunately, although he's qualified and has been doing basic work at the garage they don't work weekends so can't give him a job. Would you believe, the one place that could employ him at weekends (Kwik-Fit) won't, because ........ he's not 18. So, he's qualified for the job but they won't give him a job because he's only 16 :o(( Just where is the encouragement for youngsters today?

Eldest grand-daughter (grandson's sister) is coming up to finishing at primary level and, in September, will be moving to the secondary school that grandson has just left. She's now back from her trip to the Isle of Wight last week and loved every minute of it. They went to a place called Little Canada and I don't think I've heard of a kiddie who's been there that hasn't liked it. She had a go at everything except the stuff that involved starting from a height - like abseiling. She tried rock climbing and the Jacobs ladder and was OK until she realised how high she'd got then she had to stop but, at least she gave it a go. Everything else she did and got 'wet, loads!' Such a great way to mark the last year of primary education.

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