Tuesday, 10 June 2008

On guard!

Well, at least one is. I still haven't managed to make out exactly how many little ones there are but I've seen little bundles toddling around the roof. Just not got a close enough view to make them out clearly or to get a photo ........ yet!
Mum/Dad was standing on roof watching over the little ones (they're generally tucked down in the corner between the chimney and the roof to the left) when I was on my way out this afternoon - and resting, but watchful, when I came home - bless!

Bless, for the moment because they've not started their dive-bombing campaign yet - LOL!!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Carol said...


Glad the Birds are still keeping you eagle eyed lol

Not gone to imag-e-nation for a while this blogging is great just love hopping around all these fabby blogs........

I'm off to look at your crafting blog now

TC pleased GS has a job, I feel old a s our eldest is 2o lol
Carol AKA Cadge xx