Friday, 25 July 2008

Now there's a surprise!

It's hard to believe but I actually christened some stamps yesterday morning - lol! I didn't make anything but did a fair bit of stamping. Had eldest grand-daughter so, after shopping and the morning visit to Dad, we set about going through some of my crafty stuff that was in the lounge and found some stamps and inks. Had plenty of card offcuts available so we ended up stamping. She took quite a lot of bits home with her - lol!

We had fun today as well. Went on a plant recce to the local garden centre. Came home with quite a list to check out on t'internet and I now have a pretty good idea of what I might go for as the main plants. Took my camera which she commandeered and, although she was supposed to be photographing the plants I was interested in, I ended up with some(no idea which plants are which though, except the 1st one) and plenty of the garden centre seagull babies and photo's of flowers.... most of which are all blurred! Oh yes, and then there were the ones she took of herself - at arm's length. Did I say she was a poser (although I can't repeat what her Dad calls her)!

Oh yes, I finally got to the dentist for my check-up on Monday! Not bad considering it was the 5th appointment made ... the dentist having cancelled all the others since May.

Thanks for dropping by .....


Greta said...

Don't believe it!! You actually did some stamping at home??? lol. Glad you had a good day together x

Liz said...

Hi Pam, please pop over to my blog I have something for you. x