Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Spellbinder's Nestabilities (Wizard)

It never hurts to post links to sites/blogs that can help people who have questions that need answering before making a substantial investment in crafting equipment. Nestabilities seem to generate a lot of these questions and there is one blog that has the answers to most, if not all, questions that crafter's raise regarding these amazingly useful dies. It's Nicole Heady's Capture the Moment blog so, to have any questions you may have about Nestabilities answered, just pop along to Nicole's blog, read, digest and then enjoy your purchase - 'cos you know you just have to have them ..... lol!!
Click to be taken straight there ....... Capture the Moment.



Carol said...

Hi Pam

As you have helped me soo often on the imag-e-netion forum and I find your work inspiring I'd like to give the Wile woman award too you - pleasecheck out my blog

Take care
Cadge aka Carol

Helen J said...

Pam, you've convinced me! They're going on my xmas list :)