Tuesday, 1 July 2008

What a great ...

... weekend and over all too soon. Could easily have stayed a few more days - :o)). Brilliant views, good weather and totally chilled. It was soooo peaceful. Nephew, who works there, was given time off from when we arrived on the Friday until 10pm on the Saturday which meant he could spend a fair bit of time with us but we still got to see him performing, which was great. I had my full body massage and a facial and it was wonderful, especially as we did get a discount as well - BONUS!! Me & sister-in-law (who had a full body while I had my facial) have decided that we could definitely be ladies who do .... we just need the men who can - LOLOL! We did a couple of local trips .... to Budleigh Salterton and Sidmouth, but nothing too strenuous and ..... s-i-l and me managed to empty 3 bottles of white grape juice between us on Friday night - lol!! It went down very nicely with the Chinese take-away ..... and I stuck to the J20's for the rest of the break with the exception of my last drink Sunday evening!

I took a good few photo's of the view from the caravan and I've been playing with a trial version of a photo stitching program to join some of the view photo's together.

This, above, is the result of one play (click on it to enlarge) ..... It looks very cloudy but it wasn't really. The clouds were moving so ended up in each frame! The front of the veranda looks curved because the view is taken from both sides of the van and the front so the prog has to curve what should be straight, to get the whole image in. May try playing with other formats though - lol!

Here's a piccie of (l to r) sis-in-law, eldest nephew (Naughty Ned), youngest nephew, Bradley Bear & me (urgh!) ...

... my 'little' bro (he wishes - lol!)

... and here's a couple of pics of eldest nephew performing (sorry, photo's are rubbish - too far from stage for my little camera's flash - lol!) He's far right in bottom photo and the middle in the top one.

Below he's Rory the Tiger with (l-r) Greedy, Naughty Ned, Anxious, Polly and Bradley - :o))

Thanks for dropping by .....


Greta said...

Really pleased you had such an enjoyable, relaxing time. It sounds wonderful!
OMG is it really only 71 days till Manchester?
Greta x

Jak said...

It sounds as if it was just what the doctor ordered Pam, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.
P's what was the head like Saturday morning after the grape juice lol!

Jan R said...

Looks and sounds like you really enjoyed yourself Pam. Photos are good too !

Norma said...

looks like a good time was had by all Pam, glad you enjoyed the break.
great photos

Norrma x

Cally said...

Glad you had a great tiem. Nothing like a massage and facial to set you up followed by a few glasses of wine!!