Sunday, 31 August 2008

A different kind ...

... of shopping spree! Went to the local garden centre yesterday and bought the first plants for my new little flower bed. Not sure I've bought enough but they all spread. Guess the thing to do is put them in and wait a while. I've done quite a lot of research into what plants would stand the best chance of surviving in the awful chalky soil in this area, before I considered which would stand the best chance of surviving under my care - LOL!! Thought I ought to give them some sort of chance. Anyway, didn't end up with quite what I'd planned but happy with what I chose in the end. Just hope they look good together, and survive, 'cos I ain't no gardener!!

I ended up with a selection of hebes for the front of the bed and a few taller plants that will hopefull give some privacy and shade (eventually) when we're sitting on the decking.
Escallonia v. Apple Blossom
Choisya ternata v. Mexican Orange Blossom
Rosmarinus officianallis (Rosemary, so smells lovely and useful for cooking as well - lol!)
Euphorbia martini
...Hebe variegata
Hebe pinguifolia sutherlandii
...Hebe Hobby
I got a couple of other hebes that I can't find pictures for but they're purple and deep pink - Gloriosa and Johny Day. Now all I need to do is to dig in the poo! (sorry, manure ... ground conditioner, whatever you want to call it - LOL!) and plant them up.

Thanks for dropping by .....


Liz said...

You have certainly done your homework Pam, looks like an excellent choice of plants and shrubs. Good luck with the planting. x

Chatty Maggie said...

This is getting to be a habit!!
Lovely plants, but puzzled by the escallonia-Apple Blossom bit LOL
Is it Escallonia or Apple Blossom or is it Escallonia (variety Apple Blossom)??
What does Titch say??

Greta said...

They all look lovely Pam & will look great when they've grown & spread. Not seen the euphorbia martini before but it looks really interesting x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

All lovely plants, I have got a few of them in my garden, so I know you will be happy with them.

Chris x

budge said...

Great lot of plants Pam. Havent seen the Euphorbia one before looks lovely though. Hebes always give a good show.

Should look good in a few months time when they get established.

Sylv x

sheffsue said...

Some lovely plants there Peejay....and thanks to your pics I have now identified on I have but didn't know the name (Hebe Variegata)

Sue x