Monday, 4 August 2008

Ex-cell-ant - or not??

Took delivery of the garden furniture today. Everything boxed except 2 chairs and ... they have a couple of chips and some marks! Rang the garden centre and it seems they may have come off of display. Not happy! OK, the set was 1/2 price but it was sold as perfect, not as ex-display in part or in whole. They're trying to get a pair of chairs from somewhere else but say the company have possibly sold out completely and not sure they can replace. They've said they'll refund the chairs or the whole set but .... I want it! I've told them that if they can't replace I'm happy to keep these chairs (the damage is quite light but they're not perfect) if they'll consider doing a deal on them. They're ringing back in morning when they know whether they can replace or not .............. watch this space - lol!

District Nurse called into Dad today and - oh joy! - I've now to apply cream to his bum twice a day! The nurses will call in every so often to check the sore but they're not too worried about it and reckon it will heal quite quickly with this cream. The quicker the bloomin' better as far as I'm concerned.

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Jackie said...

HOpe you have some joy on the garden furniture... discount would be good !!!!
ROFL.... sorry, just cant help myself.... now thats a job Im just glad I dont have to do !!!! ... not too keen on creaming babys bums... never mind anyone elses... so yes... im with you.. on , lets hope it improves VERY quickly.. good luck.... be thinking of you .... lol.... xxx