Tuesday, 5 August 2008

... and another

Got Dad to the chiropodist today and his toes have been sorted out! Apparently they weren't the worst the chiropodist had ever seen - just the worst that I'd ever seen - lol!! They will not be allowed to get into that state again though - his next appointment is already booked! They are, however, badly infected (under nail so doc couldn't see it) so it's another twice a day treatment. I've now got, not only got his eye-drops twice a day but also his bum sore to put cream on and now his feet to put lotion on! What joy .......... not!

Garden centre haven't rung. Guess who'll be hearing from me in the morning - :0))

I've been madly sorting out my wardrobe, cupboards and drawers and I've now got 6 binbags of clothes to go to the ................... errrmmmm .......... DOGS TRUST!!. Well, I was starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms (mmmm, not!). It's a few weeks now since I last went with Mum's offerings. As I'm going through my place now, I know there will be more to go as there's plenty squirreled away that hasn't seen the light of day in years - and I'm not talking just clothes - lol! I have held some stuff back as there were a few things still with labels on, totally unworn and never will be now, so I'm going to try those on eBay - just once. If they don't sell on the first go I might do a car boot, otherwise they'll be going to the Dogs Trust as well.

Looking forward to the next couple of days. I'm going to an SU demo and Make & Take tomorrow evening - hosted by Joanne (of Mainly Flowers blog) and Thursday morning I'm back at the Glitterpot for the Cuttlebug for Kids class. I'm taking eldest grand-daughter so that should be fun.

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