Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Some good, some not ...

... so good!

Good - I didn't have to contact garden centre as they contacted me before I got the chance. They'd managed to get replacement chairs, from their Crawley branch, so they delivered them late morning. All sealed in box and banded, just as they should have been and like the other 4. At least I know I don't have ex-display now.

The not so good (although that depends how you look at it - lol!!) - Dad hasn't had cream on his bum yet! Called into chemist this morning to pick up the prescription but, although the cream had arrived the 'script hadn't been filled. Did I want to wait or call back? Told them I'd call back early afternoon. Went back to pick up and no sign! After a 10 minute search they discovered the cream had been put on van to be delivered 'sometime up to 5pm'. Great!! Dad was coming with me to the Dogs Trust for the ride so, for once, there was going to be nobody in for an hour or so. When I left him just after 4pm, having cooked his dinner etc there was still no sign of the cream so another day with this sore untreated! Why don't peeps do what they should - listen being one of them, especially as they asked! I always pick up Dad's 'scripts so have no idea why they decided to stick this one on the van. Should have waited this morning ........... Still, toes have had 2 treatments today - lol!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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budge said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough day.
hope your Dad's sore gets better quick. Dont envy you your job having to play nurse to him. Hope he is being a good patient for you. By the way your garden furniture looks good.
Sylv xx