Friday, 19 September 2008

Back down ...

... to earth with a resounding bang! Several things going on which don't make life easy - lol! Some not able to put on here (sometimes I just wish I hadn't gone 'public') but, just when I'd told Dad everything was finally finished - home help and gardener in place and all finances sorted - the Pension Service decide otherwise! Think I'm going to be joining Jackie in losing the will to live!

I paid back Dad's pension credit overpayment today, he having received the letter last week, only to find he'd had another letter after today's morning visit saying they were clawing it back from his weekly pension - derrrr??? He was given options of ways to repay and a month to do it in so why do they arrange a clawback immediately???? More phone calls made but, of course, they can't do anything until they receive the payment I made. They waste money like it's going out of fashion with the amount of 4 page letters and leaflets they send him - all with exactly the same information on - and then waste even more money like this 'cos they don't follow their own instructions. Don't yer just love 'em??? Wonder how many other peeps they do it with as well. Reckon they could save £1000's if they actually got their act together - and it's all taxpayers money they're wasting.

Still, it's not all bad 'cos Baby Noname now has a name .... Zac .... and I've seen him twice this week. He's definitely a seen and not heard baby, just like his Dad was. The only time he cries is when it's bum changing time - lol!! Seems the hospital gave them the wrong birth weight as well. He wasn't 7lb 7oz, he was 7lb 4oz and has already regained, and passed, his birth weight. More piccies will follow and not such disappointing ones as taken at the hospital. Mum is feeling better, after threat of having to go back in for a transfusion. A way to go but she's getting there.

Oooooooooh yes, my Cuttlebug folders arrived from Hallmark Scrapbook on Friday morning so they were here when I got back from Manchester on Sunday. Woohoo - another day that felt like Christmas. I've now got another 8 A2 folders, the 3 border sets and one of the cut and emboss 3x3's to play with ........ at some point - lol!!

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