Thursday, 11 September 2008

Let me introduce ...

... the new baby in the family! He doesn't have a name as yet 'cos Mum & Dad still haven't settled on one - lol! Had he been a little girl he would have been called Hannah Joy (the Joy after my Mum and, by default, me - the J in PeeJay) but he's most definitely a little boy ..... our 2nd grandson but our 5th grandchild.

Born Tuesday night at 10:38 (ish) and weighing in at 7lb 7oz.

I took loads of photo's but most have come out dark and grainy because I didn't want to use the flash. Unfortunately there are not many of good enough quality to post but I'll try to do something with them and see what I can 'rescue'. I'm soooo disappointed :0((

Well, that was the first event I was hoping to record this week but the second one didn't happen and that was ........................ my BALLOON FLIGHT!! I'd rebooked it for yesterday afternoon and, although a bit breezier than originally forecast, the company were obviously unsure whether it would proceed or not. The notification to say it was cancelled didn't appear on their phone line until nearly 2pm. Previously it has been on the day before. I've lost count of the number of times my selected flight has been cancelled. I'm beginning to think it will never happen for me. Still, this time it wasn't so disappointing because it meant I got to see Baby Noname yesterday, otherwise I would have had to have waited for today - lol!!

Home Help for Dad didn't arrive as arranged - just some 3.5 hours later and three quarters of an hour before my afternoon visit - so she should now be calling today! Apparently she couldn't find the address - doh! He lives behind the local shops, as I'd told her, so why she didn't pop into one of them and ask for directions heaven knows. Still, hopefully she'll be suitable and he will have another regular visitor. The phwoooooooooaaaaaaaaarrr gardener called on Tuesday and he's definitely going to be a regular visitor - lol!!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Greta said...

Disappointed for you re your balloon flight but very happy for you re your new grandson. Hope the home help turns up as planned.
See you tomorrow bright & early - I hope! x