Wednesday, 8 October 2008

One day ...

... things will be normal 'cos I'd hate to think that this is now 'normal'. Just not going to hold my breath waiting for things to become so!

Firstly, today - it's the 6 month anniversary of Mum's passing. I thought I'd got over the worst of it but seems I haven't. As things start to settle down to some extent so emotions seem to take over and for no obvious reason and at the oddest of times. Guess this will ease over time as well but perhaps I need to get mega busy again so there's no time to think - although seems I don't need to think .... it just happens.

Good news though, baby Zac is not deaf, in either ear. He had an appointment at the Audiology department today and has been given the all clear - all reactions normal. He's gaining weight fast as well. Over 2lb weight gain in less than a month.

Yesterday was another medical day. I finally got to visit the surgery for the recall I had following the dreaded blood tests way back in March and May. There's me thinking, because it had been a fasting blood test, it was a cholesterol thing but no - cholesterol level is low. It seems I'm borderline for Type 2 diabetes. I'm 0.1 below the number that I would have to have for them to tell me I am diabetic. Nurse thinks that the high blood sugar count could be down to stress so they've put me on 'watch' which means that they'll be taking blood from me on a more regular basis - oh joy!! Why can't they find a different way of getting blood instead of the dreaded needle? They could have as much as they wanted, willingly, if a needle wasn't involved. Anyway, was given the advisory talk re diet etc. which didn't actually tell me anything I didn't already know 'cos I'd investigated it when Mum was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I must admit, I did get upset 'cos it feels that Mum wants me to take on her mantle but 20 years younger than her! I seem to getting all the same illnesses that she had. Fortunately I'm more clued up and not prepared to go into denial about things the way she did.

I got collared for my flu jab so am now suffering from an aching arm, which I can't lay on and which isn't helping me get the sleep I need (and told I need) and haven't been getting anyway! Daft bat that I am, I then mentioned the pneumococcal jab. OK, so it's a 'one off' but I've actually put myself forward for it when I have to go back in a couple of weeks!! Me, volunteering for a blooming jab! Reckon I've finally lost it ................LOL!

Afternoon was spent at the Eye Hospital with Dad. He has to have a check on his left eye since his bleed and laser treatment a few years ago. They can't do anything about restoring any sight to the eye but they check there's been no more bleeding and that his pressures are stable. Fortunately it's fine but we were there for over 2 hours for less than 15 minutes with medical staff! Why give people an appointment and then keep 'em waiting for over an hour past that time? Dad doesn't do waiting very well and he gets very confused. The longer he has to wait the more confused he gets - to the extent that, yesterday, he couldn't put his specs back on when they were returned to him and, by the time we got out, we couldn't book his next appointment because all the reception staff had gone home for the day!

There also seems to be some sort of movement towards the possibility of getting him rehoused. That would be a great help and hopefully allow me to become his daughter again and I could then see about getting him out and about, which hasn't happened yet - unless you count the many trips out to the Dogs Trust - lol!!

As I said at the beginning - One day ............

Thanks for dropping by .....

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