Monday, 17 November 2008

Quieter morning ...

... with Dad this morning and even quieter this afternoon! He was waiting for me at the lounge door when I arrived this morning and, as he headed towards the stairlift I stopped him and told him that I was no longer going to talk about it. He knows how to use it - he is using it - when I'm not there so he has no problem with it other than what is in his head. It took me 3 times of telling him that I wasn't going to talk about it anymore and he stopped. Mind you, we sat in silence for around 5 minutes so I guess he was absorbing the fact that the stairlift is no longer a topic of conversation. This afternoon it wasn't even mentioned - bliss!! Wonder what he'll find to worry about for tomorrow - lol!!

Paid vet bill this afternoon (Dad will have a shock when he knows how much that was) and eldest has collected the food and a few toys for Chalky and Lolly to use. All remaining toys, grooming kit and throws, are going to the Dogs Trust for the homeless dogs. Now haven't done that trip for a few months - hehe!!

Can't believe what a difference a month can make in a little one's life. Before lappy went wrong I had photo's of Zac to post but never got them off of camera. Since then I've taken more (although the best got corrupted somehow) and, by downloading them to new lappy at the same time, the comparison was obvious. He is such a contented baby and he's now going down around 21:30 and doesn't usually wake again before 03:00am and generally later. He's not known to cry but he does shout - bless!!

Left - Zac 15th Oct (5 weeks)
Above - Zac 10th Nov (9 weeks)

I've done a few more updates to the blog and it may now be completely up to date but I have updates to do re the craft stuff - in the fullness of time.
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Greta said...

Pam you are a very lucky Nana. Zac is absolutely gorgeous & those eyes!!! Doesn't seem 5 minutes since he was born but boy has he grown. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely pic of Zac Pam and yes he sure has grown..Caught up on your blog ramblings about the North meet great pics looks like a good day was had for all.
Happy Crafting