Sunday, 28 December 2008

Greeting Card Organiser

I found this video tutorial while I was searching for a card organiser tut for a fellow imag-e-nationer and thought it too good to miss. Fill with cards and what a lovely gift! For better quality click on the vid to go to YouTube where you'll be able to choose to 'watch in high quality'.

... and here's a link to the actual blog that has all the materials and sizings on - Dannies Designs

Update: Having thought about this one overnight I've realised that the box made here measures 7x5 inches so will accommodate 6x4 inch (A6) cards (allowing for the loss of space caused by the concertina'd sides) really well but, if you wish to 'organise' larger cards then the box will need to be somewhat bigger. I would suggest that A3 card would be needed to make a box large enough to take A5 cards. When I get 5 minutes I will put together some measurements to make a box for A5 cards but the procedure will be the same.

Update 2: Measurements for a box large enough to accommodate A5 cards, using either A3 or 12x12 cardstock, can be found here


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