Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ooooooooo yes! ...

... Hubby went and ordered a brand new car yesterday! It'll be the first ever, brand new car he's had. He's been driving over 50 years so decided that it was time, before he got too old to enjoy it. How old is too old in his mind? I have no idea, especially as he's 69 in February (the month the car will be ready) - lol!! Have to say, his age is always a point of argument with people, including my bro and sister-in-law, as he looks a good 10 years younger so nobody ever believes us! Told him he should carry his birth cert around with him!! Just wish people would knock 10 years off of me instead of adding 'em on - LOL!!

Anyway, have to say the new car is courtesy of Motobility. Hubby has never been a fan and always bought his own cars but, it's changed so much over the past few years that he decided to look into it again. Result being that we now have or rather, he has, a brand new Volvo V70 SE Lux Estate on order, caper green in colour - and luxurious it is to!! Doubt that I'll get to drive it much as haven't driven the car he has at the moment but I'm a named driver for emergencies .... I've got my own car.

Actually got to see my brother today - LOL! He finally found his way to Dad's. First time since May/June time and he only lives about 40 minutes away (quicker on a good day). He stayed and chatted for around an hour but I guess we should be grateful he managed that. No offer of help forthcoming though - just a comment that what I was doing was above, and beyond, the call of duty - derrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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