Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mixed ...

... few days.

Had a lovely, crafty day with friend's from the imag-e-nation forum on Friday. Pippa played host as she's done a couple of times previously. She is a wonderful hostess and always does us proud with the venue and the lunch she lays on. 6 of us descended on her this time. Debs, Kaz, Jackie, JanR, Cathy, me and of course Pippa made 7! We repaid her by trashing her kitchen with embossing paste and glitter - rofl!! Oh boy, did we trash her kitchen!! Well, I seemed to manage to do so really well. My embossing was fine - really impressed with it. Then I made a big mistake .............. I added some glitter!

Somehow, whenever I have to add colour to something, I manage to mess it up and this time was no exception. After failing miserably with 2 attempts I had a third and used a different glitter. That was so much better that I'm going to blame my failures, not on the embossing or me but on the glitter that I used - lol!! I need to thank Debs and Pippa for the demo's and instructions and help along the way. Sorry I was such a rubbish pupil (a word beginning with 'c' comes to mind but I prefer to be polite in my commentary - LOL!) .......( Right - My 1st failure)

After the superb lunch - some of which were contributions from the others - I attempted to demonstrate the poinsettia's (found here) that I made in Jane Gill's class a little while ago. I'd already punched the shapes to save time and provided a piece of the backing paper used on my card. Everyone took the finished 'flowers' home to make into a card and from the results posted on the forum I must have got the instructions over reasonably well as I'm very impressed with the finished results. I only made one 'flower' as I wanted to be free to help when, or if, it was needed. I'd taken the relevant punches and papers and everybody punched shapes to take home as well so I'm hoping to see some more examples of cards made. Reckon I will try using just the one as an accent on a card at some point!

(L-R: Debs, Jackie, Kaz, Pippa, JanR, Cathy)

I soooo don't like 'tutoring' or whatever you want to call it. It is way out of my comfort zone and I feel completely tongue-tied when trying to explain things. Doing is one thing, explaining is another!

Fortunately Dad has been having a calm period so it's not been so stressful doing my twice daily visits. Isn't it awful to wish but, his case worker is coming on Wednesday and he's to see the doctor on Thursday to start his dementia assessment. They both really need to see him at his worst but looks as though they're going to be seeing him at his best! Not a good omen for the help that we need .....

Unfortunately, something that has been going on in the background for some time now has come to a head and ........... eldest son has returned home! It's great to have him back but unfortunate that it has had to happen. You can only try to make things work for so long and he's been trying for over 2 years now but it takes 2 to make a relationship work. Hopefully we can give him the space and time to regroup and eventually move on to the next stage in his life. He's been married 18 years in 8 days time but it's only his 36th birthday on Wednesday so he's plenty of time ahead of him and he's still young enough to move on. It's strange but, they could end up good friends ...... That's been the reason for the recent activity of the trips to the Dogs Trust, the tip and offering stuff on Freecycle. I've been preparing the room but hoping it wouldn't be needed!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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sheffsue said...

Good to hear that you enjoyed your "me" time. Your tutoring seems to have worked...the girls have done a great job.

Sue x