Friday, 30 January 2009

It's my birthday ...

... and what a mixed day - lol!! This morning got woken early by postie ringing doorbell delivering a recorded package so needed to be signed for. Was it for me? Nope, for eldest but guess who had to get up to sign for it - LOL!! Just settled down with morning cuppa to wake up properly and doorbell goes again. This time it's builders arrived to move a downpipe. We'd arranged it but I'd forgotten they were coming. Not yet dressed and there I was, outside in dressing gown and - it was freeeeeeezing!. Got builders sorted - or so I thought - so back to my cuppa and opening of birthday cards.

I've had loads and some beautiful handmade - no, handcrafted - ones from my brilliant friends made via the imag-e-nation forum. Then there were the ones from my hubby and eldest! I have such a romantic husband and a really loving, thoughtful eldest son .............. NOT!!!! Well, that's not entirely fair. Eldest addressed envie 'To Mummy' and when I opened the card there it was ...... in his words 'I thought it was funny when it wasn't supposed to be' - derrrrr????? The card looks like a 'cute' adult card but it says 'To a very special Mummy' and the verse refers to Mummy all the way through it which is why he thought it a funny card when it wasn't. Have to say - I agree with him 'cos at 36 he hasn't called me Mummy for around 30 years ........ unless he wants something - LOL!

The card from hubby was something else entirely and to say it was romantic would be lying - hehe! but it did make me laugh!

A Birthday Poem
just for you

Your mind is sharp and functioning
Your teeth remain intact
And you can still go dancing
'Cause your hip bones haven't cracked...
You pee without assistance
Your walk is sure and brisk
And you haven't got all wrinkled
Grown a hump, or slipped a disc
Your hair's not turned all white yet,
You've got a ticking heart
And you exercise discretion
When you can't hold back a fart (sorry but it's in the verse!)
You don't crank up the thermostat
Because you're always cold
And though you've aged another year
You're far from being old!

Off to Dad's, came back and downpipe moved ............... in the wrong place! Really decent builders, thankfully, so they did the job all over again and moved it to the right place - LOL!!

Managed to get myself to my beauty treatments on time, having dealt with another builder (we're having some quotes for work we want doing), and spent a very pleasant 1½ hours being massaged and facialled, hot crystals and aromatherapy. Felt so relaxed when it was over and still do! Might just have an early night 'cos don't think I shall be able to keep eyes open for much longer - LOLOL

All in all a very pleasant day and there was a bonus. Heard that there's a vacancy for Dad for a week's respite care. They need to see him first but if it's OK he can go for a week from the 9th February. Only problem I can see there is that it's Mum's birthday on the 11th so not sure he'll want to be anywhere other than home for that. Need to talk to him methinks....

Oh yes, I finished another big flower as well. Not quite as big as the other ones but still big and - I think it's the best yet! You'll find it here.

Thanks for dropping by .....


Jak Heath said...

I'm so pleased you had a good day Pam, Pauls card verse cracked me up lol!
Great news on the respite front for Dad.
Tell him he hasn't a choice as you are all having a holiday....

Norma said...

Good to hear you had a nice birthday Pam. that poem is fab, could never see my hubby making up something as good as that.
Hope you can get your dad talked round to having that respite, the break will do you all good.
Good luck with it

Norma x