Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What ...

... weather!! Heaviest snow we've seen in years and how long has it lasted? Just one day in this area! Started snowing Sunday evening, continued overnight. Yesterday we were snowed in with one major access road blocked and snow showers on and off all day. Today? It's all gone! This morning it was still there but had started melting and this afternoon all that's left is where it was really, really thick or snowmen were built - lol! I managed to get out to do the shopping I couldn't do yesterday and now everything is back to normal ........... nearly. Not going to the Craft Barn tomorrow for our second SE meet as they've cancelled it! Now it's been moved to a date that my mate Cally won't be able to make 'cos she'll be away on a jolly again - :o(

One of the fields, with horses, behind my home which is just the other side of the trees in the background.

View across to the park at the bottom of my road.

Need a haircut?
A couple of owl garden ornaments on my patio terrace - lol!

Seen on my walk home from Dad's yesterday morning.
The rear window said 'I(heart)U'. Ain't that sweet?

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