Friday, 30 January 2009

Floral Punch Craft - Chrysanthemum v2

A slightly smaller version this time and a slightly different colour. With a diameter of 4 inches, using fewer petals, less layers and a slightly larger centre I think I prefer this one. It took longer because of having to make more quilled rolls for the centre and I think I've probably done my normal heavy-handedness with the ink on the quilled rolls. Will remember to try to keep it lighter in future - or at least remember that the ink soaks in a bit and dries darker - lol!

New flower is on the left and original (from earlier blog entry) is on the right.


Update: I'm being asked which punch/es are used to make these crysanths. I don't know for sure as I punched the shapes at class and bought them home with me but I think the main one was the 3" Woodware Super Duper Daisy punch - whatever, it's a VERY big daisy punch! The ring around the quilled rolls was another daisy punch with the punched size being around an inch (probably considered large). Although not a tutorial, a brief rundown of how they were made is on this blog entry. The backing circle that the individual petals are stuck to depends on the size you want the finished flower to be. The biggest flower had it's petals stuck to a 3" circle and the smaller one - this one - used a 2¼" one (I cut that one with a nestie instead of a punch). Place the first 4 petals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and then fill in the gaps for the first layer or, if you've cut a scalloped circle, stick a petal at each scallop. After that it's do what you please - LOL! The quilled rolls are strips of green paper ¼" wide and cut from the long edge of an A4 sheet of paper then cut in half, fringed and quilled. I used some cut in half again so I had smaller quilled rolls to act as 'fillers'. Hope that answers some of the queries I've been getting. I shall be trying this flower again with smaller punches at some point as I don't actually own such a big daisy punch but then again ...................... LOLOL!


Selkie said...

Absolutely beautiful Peejay! You should be very proud of yourself.. they look so real!
I don't suppose you could tell me which punch was used..I would love to make some of these.

Anonymous said...

This flower is stunning - you should be very proud of yourself

Jan M

Sam said...

Absolutely stunning PeeJay - thanks for the extra info.


Selkie said...

Thankyou Peejay...I'm not likely to ever own the right punch but have done a flower very similar to this before using shapes made in my graphics programme. A punch would be easier though

Jean said...

Can't make my mind up which I like best.....they are both gorgeous Pam. You have such patience - any to fling my way?