Thursday, 26 February 2009

The whole ...

... length of the dormer has now got a double row of spikes at the ridge. Hopefully there is nowhere too cosy for the seagulls to nest and they'll go find themselves another roof to use [grinning!]. There's a lovely big, nice new one 2 doors down from us. It was only finished last year and I'm sure it would make them a much nicer home than ours did (although there's no chimney on that roof - lol!)

Wot? No seagulls? Eldest and grandson doing the deed!

Seems as though there was a bit of a contrétemps on the forum again today. It was all done and dusted by the time I saw it but I do wonder why people who, quite rightly insist that they have a right to an opinion, then object when somebody else voices a differing one. Aren't people allowed to have an opinion that differs? I do wonder about people sometimes but I guess it would be a boring old world if we were all the same. One thing that really disappoints me though is the language (bad, crass - whatever you want to call it) that eminates from some people (abbreviated or not) - :0( It's totally unnecessary and shows them in a really bad light - in my opinion - LOLOL!! Have to say I've noticed it on a few blogs and UK ones at that. Makes me ashamed of my nationality and 'chav central' comes to mind when I happen upon some of them. I'm sure it's done with little thought as to how it makes them look to their readers which is a shame, 'cos it means it's probably 'normal' for them.

Thanks for dropping by .....


Greta said...

Really hope it works for you Pam! Have to agree with you about the language too. Facebook is the worst of the lot I think for that x

Norma said...

hope this works pam.
i am another that has to agree with the language thing, no need at all.
Can i be nosey and ask what
"Jak and Peejays crafters house party" is please

Norma x

Jackie said...

I totally agree Pam.. :) seems ok for some to have their say, but not others !!! um !!!