Sunday, 8 March 2009

Blog posting ...

... drought! Seems to be ages since I last posted anything and seems as though there's not been much going on but it's not - really - and there has been some stuff going on ... lol!

Bit out of order but I managed to get, what I thought were good but turned out not so good as I thought, some photos of the littlies last Sunday. Yep, a week ago so really behind with posting these ones. Trouble was, I had flash on originally but it was far too strong so took it off, which meant that the photo's have come out a bit grainy. Realised today, in trying to make them less so, that I should have used the soft flash option but heyho - will put brain into gear one day (when I find it) and might even take the normal flash off of the strongest setting and put it back to normal ...... doh!

Little Zac is 6 months old tomorrow. Doesn't seem possible. Where does the time go? He's coming on in leaps and bounds and he is such a contented and happy little lad. Mind you, reckon he'll have trouble getting a word in edgeways with the girlies around - particularly with our little Amy who tends to suffer very badly with verbal diarrhoea - lolol! Hmmmmmm .... just like her Dad did at her age - hehe!

Seem to have spent the rest of the week doing Dad's ironing but in reality I've only spent a couple of hours on that chore! 'My' ironing, according to Dad, 'his' according to me - lol! He has so little washing it's easy to leave the bits that doneed ironing to do another time but it's amazing how quickly it builds up.
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Anonymous said...

The pics are lovely Pam and the kiddies are just gorgeous.

Trace x