Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Quiet ...

... few days - or not!! Don't know what's happening to me lately but it seems as though there's nothing going on when there's actually plenty going on - lol!! I've been baby-sitting 2 of the littlies this morning while the third had a hospital visit. On-going 'watch' of a potential problem identified on a scan while being carried in Mum's tum! She's 7 now and we're hoping that today was her last scan as she's not suffering and this perceived problem hasn't caused her any over the years. I reckon it could be something genetic and that any one of us could have the same thing but don't know it. Think these scans - although really good - can sometimes cause un-necessary concerns.

Went to the Dogs (yeah - OK!) last night with ex-workmates. Some of them I've known for 40 years this year (wow - scarey!) and the others 20+ Lovely evening, good food, good company and - I had a win! Only one but it's a novelty and it wasn't a bad one either so came home happy!

I've taken bull by horns and bought a couple of large lots of unmounted stamps off of eBay. Off of eBay but the sellers are Hampton Arts and My Sentiments Exactly. OK, so it's pot luck with what you get but reckon, for what they've cost, it can't be all bad. The Hampton Arts one is a Buy it Now and the MSE was a Dutch Auction which I was one of the winners on last night. Definitely worth keeping a look out for in future though. Just need to sit and wait for them to arrive now - LOL!

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